Will both pools be closed?

Yes, both pools will close for 4 weeks from 16th May 2024

When will the pools reopen?

The teaching pool will open first, 4 weeks after the closure. The main pool will then stay closed for a further 10 weeks and reopen first week September.

What will happen to the Aqua Classes during this time?

All classes will have to be cancelled while both pools are closed. Once the teaching pool reopens, we will aim to reinstate as many classes back into our timetable as possible while taking other pool activities into consideration. We aim to add some aqua classes back in however not all of the classes.

What will happen to my child’s swimming lessons?

We will have to cancel all lessons for the 4 weeks that both pools are closed, we will then reinstate all possible lessons once the teaching pool has reopened.

But I have paid for lessons, will I get a refund?

Your May Direct Debit will have already been paid, but to compensate for the loss of lessons your June Direct Debit will be frozen. Payments will return to normal from July.

What will happen to swimming sessions?

All swimming will have to stop for 4 weeks while both pools are closed. You will be able to use other sites during this time and their details are below. We are currently reviewing the timetable for once the teaching pool has reopened. We will put in as many swim sessions as we can alongside other pool activities.

Will the effect other areas of the centre?

During the first 4 weeks we will have no hot water from showers or taps. We will have hot water once the teaching pool has reopened.

I am a swim only member, what will happen to my membership?

During the closure you will have access to our other Westminster centres, locations and contact details of those centres with pools are below.

Queen Mother Sports Centre – Victoria – 020 7798 2040

Moberly Sports Centre – Kensal Green – 020 3879 6669

Marshall Street Leisure Centre and Spa – Carnaby Street – 020 7734 4352

What about using the spa?

During the 4 week pools closure you will have access to our other Westminster centres for spa usage. Those with spa membership this will be free. Our own spa will remain open, although there will be no hot water, so cool showers.

There will be no gas heat, so no heat to the hot rooms, they will remain open as relax areas after steam sessions. The two steam rooms and sauna will all run off electric, and the plunge pool and lounge areas will be open as usual.

We will be charging 50% reduced pricing during this time and those with spa membership will get a credit for two weeks on an annual membership, and half priced spa proportion on their monthly DD.

The spa will be back to normal operation after the 4 weeks.

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